The true experience of the Italian tailor in a ready-to-wear collection

The Elio Pavone brand highlights the authentic innovation, disruptive creativity and know-how of our Italian master tailors, offering highly customizable ready-to-wear collections.

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Elio Pavone immerses you in the authentic world of our great Italian tailors, offering a ready-to-wear collection never seen before.



We are founded on the principle of quality. We aim to manufacture the best quality high fashion clothing in the world.z



We respect the skills and dedication of our employees and we continue to develop our business.



The models evolve as well as our fabric offer. Indeed, we offer new creations every season. We make it a point of honor to always stay at the forefront of the latest trends and technology. We currently offer 1,000 fabrics in our catalog.s


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About Elio Pavone

It all started with Giuliano Elio PAVONE and his great passion for the art of haute couture. Since 2015 Giuliano has kept a watchful eye on the major professional fashion fairs, but especially one in particular the "Pitti Uomo". This event brings together the biggest brands, tailors, designers and creators of high quality clothing from all around the world. All come together for a purpose, to talk about sewing, fabric and to present their upcoming collections.

Handcrafted clothing

Self-taught, Giuliano observes and refines his knowledge, his taste and his passion for artisanal clothing and haute couture. It was during this difficult period that he began to open his trunkshow pop-up and dreaming of a "dolce vita" style hand in hand with his emblematic animal in a thousand colors, the Peacock.

Thus was born the collection 'Elio Pavone' presenting products handmade in Italy, with carefully chosen fabric of supreme quality. To adorn his trunkshow, Giuliano establishes collaborations with houses close to his heart, renowned for their magnificent artisanal products, sharing a philosophy of passion for the art of handmade. Discover the world of Elio Pavone with a unique service, our private popup showroom.